No matter what, the following did NOT happen this past week:

  • I did not watch Baylee while J. did some much needed work for our church. It was not TAX stuff. BORING!
  • Cameron did not, as usual, smother Baylee. I did not turn around at one point to find Cam had totally pinned poor, helpless Baylee to the floor and she was NOT screaming for help! This did not make me feel like babysitter of the year when her panicked mom came running out of the office to find my son on top of her daughter!
  • The girls did not go on a walk and Norman Gentle did not make an appearance....No, he's much to popular to join us
  • We did not sell our car this weekend! We have not had it on Craigslist since JANUARY (Yes you read that right) and after less than a week on autotrader we did not get rid of the beast!
  • Keith did not spend FOUR hours with the guy who was trying to thoroughly evaluate our car...I did not seriously text Keith the following: "Did he kidnap you? Did you die?"
  • I did not notice Cameron had been changed into a swim diaper (left over from our trip to the beach) during church. It was not a total girl diaper, pink with DORA! I was not wondering what the sweet woman who changed his diaper must have been thinking when she pulled that out of Cameron's diaper bag....

[what a manly man! pink is Cam's color]
  • We did not go to Victoria Gardens today for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and a play date with the Thompsons and Spencers

[Ev is just taking it all in]
  • This is not Everest's stick of butter he was eating as an appetizer
  • The six of us did not crowd into the caboose on the train at V. Gardens

[Cam loved it but the train was a little rickety and making me feel sick]
  • The massage chairs at Brookstone were not hurting me (are they supposed to do that?)

  • I am not having issues formatting these pictures, but feeling too lazy to fix them!

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  1. OK!! I decided that you guys can't move!!! So there!!!


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