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Los claytons in Phoenix

I've been really disappointed with blogger lately. I don't normally do things straight from the site but for different reasons that's what I'm now doing. The pictures take FOREVER to upload and I really don't have the time for that. I've been using Wordpress for work lately (yomies.wordpress.com) and am thinking about transferring everything over. Bleh. Anyway, point is things could change. Of course I will keep you posted -- I know I really left a cliffhanger here :)

The week before Halloween we spent the week as a family in Phoenix. It was super low key and we had no itinerary or plans. Just perfect. I think we will be going back.

Since its so time consuming to upload pictures from my camera, I will just share the few I have on my phone.


Halloween type things

We were able to squeeze in a trip to the local pumpkin patch for Halloween...
It was a pretty cool coincidence that both Cameron and his cousin chose the Red (Power) Ranger this year. We have Netflix to thank for that. Jackson was a good ol' Cheeseburger :)


Cameron turns 4!

Cam really is into super heroes these days and reall ywanted a super hero party. Ask, and you shall receive...

Since he learned to ride his bike without training wheels this summer, a new bike was in order (Batman, of course!) as was a new cape from his cousin Jaden. He was looking pretty awesome. The party was a great time! I can't believe he's 4 already...


Meet Amelia and other stuff

August 2011 182

Antioch 2011 Summer Interns

August 2011 234

This is Amelia. She lived with us this summer while participating in our church summer internship. She’s pretty awesome.

August 2011 192 

She loves our kids. Note: that’s not Cameron but she really does love him. We love her for that!

August 2011 235

She’s funny.

August 2011 236


Changing the subject, some of my fave shots from this summer

August 2011 300 August 2011 303

IMG_6141 August 2011 074 August 2011 109 August 2011 148 August 2011 152 August 2011 211 August 2011 255 August 2011 324 August 2011 333 August 2011 343 August 2011 349 August 2011 352 August 2011 361   August 2011 374 August 2011 435 August 2011 465 IMG_5793 IMG_5802 IMG_5808 IMG_5825 IMG_5902

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