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Woke up at 4 today and it seems I’m not going back to sleep anytime soon. I’ve been procrastinating on doing stuff in blogland, so I better take advantage of this opportunity.

Easter was good. We closed the shop completely so it was nice to spend time with the entire family. Cameron and I colored eggs which started out fun at first, but as we kept going it was a rush to be done before we had any egg dye- all-over-the-floor major accidents. No accidents equals success in my book.

April 2011 550 April 2011 558 April 2011 561 April 2011 571

Pardon Cameron’s ‘special’ Easter outfit. For church he was dressed up all spiffy (pretty dang cute if you ask me) but when he woke up from nap he wasn’t having it. It really wasn’t worth the fight so this is what he came up with for the rest of the day.April 2011 586


April 2011 594 April 2011 603 April 2011 615

Inspecting the loot.

April 2011 625

Our friend, Rey from OSU spent the weekend with us a couple of weeks back. There were fun times. We FINALLY had a sunny weekend so we were able to take advantage of Central Oregon they way it should be taken advantage of. You know what I mean.

April 2011 665

But first, we had a party to go to. The first ever upperclass party. Classy up top, trashy down low. Awesome. As you can see, I wore pearls. Nothing says class like pearls. Winner!

April 2011 673

Next up, a trip to smith rock. Which one is the rock of smith? I may never know.

Obviously we had great weather. There are several trails to take when hiking around. I thought we’d be doing the leisurely family (read: flat) trail while keith had it in his mind we’d be doing misery ridge (straight up and yes, the name is fitting). Guess who won that battle? Yup, Keith.

Did I mention the whole time I’ve got the baby tied around my front and Cameron is in crocs? It was a bad idea. Getting up was no problem, but as we got closer to the top I was seriously wondering how the heck I would be able to get down without killing either myself or my child. I bailed early before climbing 1.32499 bajillion stairs going straight up. Definitely a good move on my part.

 April 2011 683 April 2011 695

This is where the wusses/smart people hang out.

April 2011 703

Cameron climbed to the top with dad and Rey. Note the dreaded fake smile.

April 2011 716 April 2011 728 

April 2011 742

This is our ‘what just happened?’ picture. We were pretty exhausted from trying not to kill ourselves on the way down.

April 2011 743

Cam prefers his butt to be hanging out.


Cameron earned a prize (10 stars for sleeping in/going potty at night) and has been working hard towards getting a set of Legos. These are his new obsession.

April 2011 816

He loves making ‘injas’ (ninjas).

April 2011 811 April 2011 812

Starting to use the cup more.  I find this process very frustrating.

April 2011 823

Cam’s project for mom from school. The only reason he was at all interested? The sucker in the middle of that flower. Stinker.

 April 2011 830 April 2011 835 April 2011 837 Sprouts!


April 2011 846

Also, this baby is starting to self-feed.

April 2011 869

Starting to ride his bike! no training wheels! Amazing!

April 2011 887 April 2011 891 April 2011 914 April 2011 925 April 2011 974 April 2011 979 April 2011 981

Mother’s day was pretty awesome. Breakfast in bed, church, cupcakes and flowers. I am so, so thankful to have the privilege of motherhood. As I go through life I am becoming more aware of all the women who struggle with Mother’s day. They either are struggling with infertility, miscarriages, or a whole lot of other things I can’t even wrap my head around. I do not take my two little guys for granted, not even for a second. Thank you, Lord!

 April 2011 989 April 2011 996 April 2011 999


  1. LOVE the butt-crack picture!! He's going to kill you for it later, but it's such a darling shot for now.

    Thank you for your kind words about Mother's Day and Ella's fall. Makes you want to give you kids an extra hug and kiss, doesn't it?

  2. Is the pic of Cam eating the cupcakes in your house? If so..super cute decor! Can you do a blog of a picture tour of your home for us Cali'ians? I would love to see where ya'll's live'ins! Anyways! I miss you! Love ya!

  3. OMG they are both getting so big and are both adorable....Miss you guys :)
    I was thinking the same thing as Jannae, please take us on a virtual tour..


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