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You might remember from a couple of months ago, this post where I detailed our first DIY woodworking project. We made our own headboard, based off something you can find at Pottery Barn. This all came from this sweet site, Ana-White.com

Well, that was our starter project – I knew I definitely wanted to revamp our table. Our table is one of the first pieces of furniture we ever bought and we actually retiled it and stained it ourselves way back when. It was pretty small, the chairs were scuffing up the bamboo floors (I’m not sure our landlord would approve – we couldn’t find anything that would stick on the bottoms to protect the floor) and I was just plain tired of it. Here’s what we were dealing with:

table2 table3 

Keith REALLY loved our old table. I really had to work on him to convince him to help me with my “vision”. He was very sweet to give in, even though our table was perfectly fine. I thought it was very cute, but definitely small. I wanted more of a forever table – something I could see using for many years to come to fit our whole family.

This table at Restoration Hardware was pretty spiffy but ummm I would never pay $3200 (plus shipping!) for anything, especially a table. Unless it it’s pure gold. Enter Ana-white.com. If we were willing to put the work in we could get EXACTLY what we wanted for the price we wanted. Me likey.

It took waaaaaay longer than I expected (of course) but turned out even better than I imagined! Here’s our table making journey :)

April 2011 055 April 2011 058 April 2011 071 April 2011 076 April 2011 107 April 2011 112 April 2011 117 April 2011 120 April 2011 122 April 2011 132 April 2011 150

So, with the table finished, I wanted something functional to sit on (durr!). We could have got these benches from Pottery Barn, but at $499 a piece, OUCH. My bank account wouldn’t ever agree. So, we started again – these went much faster and coordinate pretty well! Thank you, Ana!

 April 2011 398 April 2011 405

Keith, you are my hero! thank you so much for being a manly man and using power tools and building our furniture! We are thisclose to becoming AMISH! Love it!

….and the finished product: Final price ~$150. BAM!

April 2011 410 April 2011 504 April 2011 518 April 2011 520 April 2011 521


  1. It looks amazing! I want one! Can you make one and hand deliver? Thanks! You are so sweet to offer! :) BAHAAA! Love this and love ya and miss ya!

  2. AMAZING! Forget yogurt - you and Keith should start a business where you make furniture knock-offs for people.

    The name could be called AlmostAmish.

    Lurve it.

  3. Holy cow! That is awesome!! SO AWESOME! I love the table and the benches. You guys rock!

  4. I like your table the BEST of all the ones I have researched through Ana's blog now all I need to know is if you followed her plans exactly.... cut list etc. Then I will be off to buy the materials. Thanks so much Tiff

  5. Tiff - we did follow her plans but decided to omit the stretcher on the bottom.

    The one problem we came across was the wide board on the ends (the one that runs perpendicular to the longer boards). Do NOT cut it before you've got your table completely put together. Cut to fit when you are ready to put it on.

    If you have any other questions feel free to email me directly: melissa.clayton@gmail.com

    Good luck and thank you so much for the compliment! :) Have fun!

  6. Hi! Not sure how to create a login to show who I am, so I just selected anonymous. My husband and I were thinking about building a table like this, but we were wondering how hard the top was to keep clean? We have four daughters, and they have a tendency to spill things!! :) Have you had any issues with your fabulous table?

    Thank you!
    Tiffany Humphrey

    1. Hi Tiffany!

      The one thig we've discovered in the six months we've had the table: the wood we used expanded and moved. The only thing that affected was the little gaps between the planks throughout the table. The gaps are much bigger now than when we built the table. I found it frustrating at first (maybe had to do with he quality of wood? I'm really not sure) but it has. Are cleaning a tad easier. I just sweep the crumbs around the table and they fall through the cracks - easy enough for me to sweep u

    2. ..sweep up. Other than that it's been great. We put 3 coats of poly on top and two on the rest and I think that was perfect. Good luck - all the effort was totally worth it :)

  7. Great job on the table! I am going to build one for my brother-in-laws hunting camp and I was checking out different versions to see what I wanted to do. I have done several things off of Ana's page and will check yours out from time to time. Keep up the good work.



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