Interesting title, eh? That's what I do when I'm feeling random and don't know what else to put. Now you know!

This morning started off a nicely. First of all Cameron has been a little wierd in the sleep department lately. Since we got back from Hawaii, he's been waking up at 11pm (not normal) and then again around 6am (normal for the most part). Last night he woke up right on cue, 10:59Pm. But AGAIN at 1 am. I think he was hungry...sometimes we give him a snack at 4:00pm but do a bad job of re-loading his stomach at the real dinner time. We really paid for it last night. Or should I say I paid for it, Keith went to work while I stayed home today so it was only fair for me to get up with Cam last night. Anyway, I gave him a small bottle-o-milk and that seemed to do the trick. It sure did because I got to sleep in until 7:10 -- can I get a what, what?! And he wasn't even crying when he got up, just happily playing in his crib...poopie and all (TMI for those of you who are not in the baby stage of your life...sorry!). Sleeping in is something Keith nor I will ever take for granted again!

Anyway, we were both out of the house by 8. I had to get some bloodwork done in Yucaipa (the town we both work in). It was one of those fasting ones so I was starved! Then off to Starbucks for a hazlenut mocha and blueberry coffee cake. It was so good. I ♥ breakfast! In fact, we had it for dinner last night. Those are the best dinners ever.

I must be bored. There's clearly no reason for this post and I'm just babbling now. als;dfjas;ldkfj;lkaj


PS...have you seen this? My sister, Stephanie works at T-Mobile. A few months back they selected one of the pictures they took of her and created a poster. This poster was put in her call center as well as others in other states. I'm not sure how much she reads this...can you say CHEESE, Steph! HAHHHA

Oh, and yes I have nailed it to my dining room wall. Hardy har har. Pretty comical I say.

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  1. it's so funny-after I read every post-I feel the need to comment! I love randomness! I love reading about your day! Baylee had a weird night last night--woke up at 2,3, 5 & 6:30. What a lil stinker huh? I was like ummm are you freaking kidding me!!! She's been spoiling me and letting me sleep so much lately. Oh well! I still lover her mucho!


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