Christmas-time bedlam

[Suuuuper ugly sweaters...]


What a week...

5 days
3 parties (2 wearing our ugly sweaters...SEXY!)
2 white elephants
1 potluck

So, basically we were freaking busy this week! Starting Wednesday we've been going, going non-stop. It's the first Christmas season we've really had a zillion things to go to. Not to complain, we've had A TON of fun, but it has been truly hectic. We've been out late every night. Poor Cameron handled it like a champion, even though he must be totally fried. Forget a schedule, that went out the window on the first night. He's been up late and is down from 2 naps to one almost this whole week. It feels good to be done with everything.

Today was our first day 'off the hook' from parties and you think we'd just stay home and enjoy our freedom. Nope, not los Claytons. We are gluttons for punishment. We started Sunday off like we always do, with church at 10:00. Did we go home? Not a chance. We made plans with friends to head up to Forest Falls and play in the snow. Up to the mountain we went - it was about 15 miles. But we didn't head straight up, oh no. We were starving. 

Empty stomachs after church calls from some comida de mexicano (hey, is that a real Spanish phrase? Keith would know...). [Jannae got slammed with a snow ball in her eye and will probably require reconstructive surgery, but was a trooper and took it like a man. But not before verbally assaulting Chad. HA! Just joking. But really she did getsnowball-punched in the eye as soon as she stepped out of her car. It was seriously messed. Poor woman!] We grubbed and were on our way up the mountain. Here's where it got interesting. We are driving up and up and I'm noticing all these socal DBs who seem never to have seen this white stuff (aka snow) in thier life. I actually saw some teenage girl grab a mongo-huge piece of snow off the side of the road and started eating it. Umm, SICK. Have you ever seen snow melt? SICK. I can only imagine all the good stuff snow on the side of the road would collect. SICK. Anyway, she was so into her delicious snow she proceeded to hit our side mirror and fall over. Nice.

Then we parked and got out. We saw a lady holding hawaiian punch flavored syrup. Of course we asked her what it was for...snow cones. Brilliant! No, wait. That's disgusting. I can't say I could ever bring myself [now that I am an adult] to eat snow. There is no way it's clean. Maybe I'm some kind of snob...? Especially in socal. Have you seen the air quality here? There's pollution everywhere. Heck no. Oh, the lady also recommended snow and maple syrup. Yummy.

We [as in the boys] sledded and screwed around for about 45 minute while we [see: the ladies and our babies - there were 4 babies aged 14 months to 7 weeks] stood around, trying not to die by falling as the snow caved in around our feet and legs. It was a seriously dysfunctional trip in so many ways. But fun. 

Next, Starbucks. What is better after being out in the cold snow? The answer: nothing.

Then we were on to see a light show. Who are these geniuses who sync their Christmas lights to music on the radio? It's pretty cool to watch. 

[Longest post, EVER. I know. I'm almost done, I swear. It was a big day!]

Back to Beaumont for some R&R after a long day. Cameron got some action with future girlfriend, Baylee. They even got caught in the act of some inappropriate behavior.

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  1. oh man! i wanted to keep reading! I laughed like 6.5 times! Amazing post! I love Baylee's face in the 'lovey' pics of her & cam!-kindof like-umm guys is this appropriate for this boy to be doing this to me..oh and reconstructive surgery! bah! I was a little anxious to wake up this morning-not sure if I had a black eye-but I don't! hope you can relax a bit today! =)


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