Silent Night...

There are a couple things of note from yesterday that really struck me.

#1: I was so excited for my dentist appointment. It was rescheduled from Friday and I showed up, got my xrays and anxiously awaited the dentist to give me an exam so the cleaning could commence. He oohed and ahhhed over my teeth (I think I've been blessed with good teeth genes because I don't do anything but brush and floss, so I've got that going for me) and then told the dental assistant what to do. I don't speak dentist so I don't know what he said. All I know was that she sounded surprised. Whatever. She got out this really loud whirring thing that sounds like nails on a chalkboard -- this dentist has replaced the old-school scraper with this hellish device & I truly hate it but hey, it does the job! Anyway, she started whirring away on a small portion of my bottom teeth [I guess my problem area] put the drill thing away and started polishing them. Now, I've been to the dentist enough to know that the polishing is the last part. At this point I'm not worried because it surely must be some new fancy way of cleaning my teeth. We can't really be done already! Wrong. She took me to the sink to swish with some mouthwash and told me she'd be back with my new toothbrush.

I'm like, WTH. No cleaning?! It's safe to say I'm slightly irritated when I left the office. I just love that back from the dentist feeling...my teeth are always so smooth! Not yesterday. NOPE. Now I'm bummed and thinking my next appointment is not going to be fun because it will basically have been one full year since my last real cleaning. The longer you wait, the more painful it can be, you know. Then I got to thinking -- maybe this dentist is trying to swindle me. Yes, it was 100% covered by insurance but are they trying to take advantage of something? After all, times are tough for everyone and maybe that's their way of getting more patients in the chair. My only solice, at least I've got this awesome goodie bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. I went to check it out and WHAT?! One lonely toothbrush in my bag. Now I'm angry. My teeth aren't perfectly smooth and now I didn't even get travel floss or toothpaste? Pfft. I don't think I will be going back. Me no likey.

Moving on...

#2: Sushi at my favorite sushi joint on earth, Ooka. It was a reunion dinner of sorts with an old co-worker. My favorite co-worker in a place I can only describe as hell. But that's another story. Sheena and I used to frequent Ooka at least on a weekly basis for over a year. It was only natural that we meet there again. Well, I brought the fam and she brought a friend, E. E is allergic to avocado (sad!) so we made sure as we ordered our rolls that they put any avocado on top so E could easily pick it off, as opposed to it having been rolled inside with the other delicious ingredients. Fast forward 15 minutes.

Our server brings out this ginormous plate of freaking delicious sushi and we dig in. The sushi chefs did as requested, having put avocado on top but did not omit it from the inside. durrr! Well, since E was the only one who couldn't eat it, the rest of us decided to keep eating. By the time we told our server the problem over half of it had already been eaten. Here's the wierd part. HE TOOK BACK OUR HALF EATEN ROLL TO BE THROWN OUT! What!? I said, we can still eat it, she's the only one who's allergic. He gave us some line about the manager requiring it of him...but what a waste of sushi! Any other place would have given us the extra roll on the house since it was clearly their mistake. The whole thing just baffles me with curiousity. Why, oh why would anyone ever want to waste sushi? I am still bitter about it. That was the best roll and I could have shoveled it down, no problem. Instead, it ended up either a) in the trash or b) in the belly of our server who was just hungry. The world may never know. Tragic.

#3: After sushi, los Claytons headed out to Mission Inn for the festival of lights. There seems to be a lot of fuss over this around here, so we figured we'd be missing out if we didn't head over. It was pretty, worth a look but nothing too fancy. I was getting seriously frustrated, taking bad picture after bad picture. Not to mention Cameron was overstimulated and fussy. The kodak moments were ruined! I did manage to get one good one though. And, just for fun I'll throw in some of the others...


  1. find out if you guys can get Delta Dental for your dental insurance! It would be a very wise choice-considering that's what Pastor Rod's office takes!!! do it! you won't regret it!

  2. That's what we have! Is it wierd to have your pastor clean your teeth :)...I'm totally going to make an appointment there!


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