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Yes, I'm off again today. Since I'm a substitute teacher and the schedules have been a little wonky for the past couple weeks, I haven't worked much AT ALL. Although it's nice to spend precious time with Cameron, it would be even better to go to work. I do have something lined up tomorrow and again next Thursday but please pray that I can go back to steady work! It can be a very frustrating process, the life of a sub.

Here are some cute pictures from our time yesterday at the park. I mentioned earlier that our small place seems smaller and smaller now that he's more mobile so it's almost critical that he gets outside time every day. He loves running around and exploring. Not to mention it's a wonderful photo op :)


  1. Sooo cute! I love how he stopped and posed on the tree!
    very lovely!

  2. It amazes me what a perfect combination of you two Cameron is. I am also really sorry that we weren't able to meet up in CA... time flew by and we were at the park for most of it. I suck.


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