The rest of the week


[He LOVES bananas]

[Sometimes he hugs so much you really 
can't find room to breathe...I think maul would 
be a more appropriate term]

Some things we are looking forward to for the rest of this week...

  • Game night with some couples from church tonight
  • Women's pajama party friday night (also church related...)
  • FRIDAY in general. Who doesn't love Fridays?!?
...in other news, Keith is now attempting to clip Cameron's nails. Holy crap this is a hard thing. He never put up much of a fight until recently when he won't really let us anywhere near his finger nails or toe nails. What a turd! Keith is almost done with his hands and so far we've seen many tears, lots of squirming, heard a lot of screaming and given one time out. It's no wonder we've put this task off for so long. 

We figure there will be a couple of babies at game night so we are just trying to prevent him from clawing an innocent child's eyeball! Geeze Cam, think of the children! For the love!

Wow, having a toddler is hard. It is what we expected, but still! We love it and he keeps things interesting...it's fun to see what makes him tick - including those things he can't stand, like getting his nails clipped. Who knew something so ordinary would be such an ordeal?

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