Weekend fun

We went to the park yesterday and Cameron just had the best time! It was nice for him to be able to get out and run around [and fall] without worrying about possible injuries. Now that he's more mobile I'm thinking there just isn't enough space for him to run around and keep himself . occupied. Our tiny place is getting smaller and smaller each day. The park was a welcome change - for everyone.

God forbid Cam would actually like playing with his seemingly endless supply of toys. Tonight I had the not-so-novel idea of giving him pots and lids to play with. Sure enough, he loved banging them around and putting things inside. Why is it that babies like the "simple" stuff? You know - cardboard boxes, spoons, lids, magazines, pots & pans - and not the hundreds of dollars worth of real toys friends and relatives have provided? Pffft.

**As a sidenote, youtube is painfully slow in uploading videos. It has taken so far over 60 minutes to upload 2 minutes worth of video. It was worth it since I find my child so incredibly cute in these videos :) But SERIOUSLY Youtube, what gives?! UGGGH I'm sick of waiting...I will post these 2 videos later!**

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