Valentine's day weekend!

Keith and Melissa have spent many-a-Valentine's day together, so we could really care less about this holiday. Honestly! But since it was a 3-day weekend we ventured to the city of Idyllwild and rented a cabin with some of our friends. It was so great to be up in the mountains - breathing fresh air and playing in the snow! A special thanks to Stephanie & Christian for making this happen!

[our home for 3 nights...we barely escaped
a giant storm coming in AND going out]

[Keith built a mini-version of a snow cave. Boyscout skillz!]

[He loves Brooke!]

[This is how Jannae would look with 2 kids | praying she makes it
out of this small hole without hyperventilating]

[Can you believe we did not get a picture together as a family?! DOH!]

[He had some good times]

[we were not even playing around on the sled hill of death]

[Addisyn is SUCH a sweetheart
- and so are her siblings!]

[EVEREST and Cam are buddies!]

[All the kids | Cameron = super p.i.m.p]

[In the snow, Keith is totally in his element]

[Baylee = super photogenic!]

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