Okay, fine! Not me Monday!

[Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.]

No matter what, the following absolutely did NOT happen this past week:

No, I did not decide to start not me Mondays on our blog. No MckMama does not have an amazing story and a beautiful family.

And, NO I am not doing this just because everyone else is, thank you very much! Nope, not me!

No we did not discover that our friends here in SoCal are amazing and we certainly cannot count on them for ANYTHING!

Our week wasn't one of the worst weeks we have had in years. Nope, in fact it was AMAZING.

No, I didn't go to Ikea on Friday with Jannae and Sandy thinking I wasn't going to get anything. No I couldn't possibly have thought I'd be able to resist the temptations of such a fabulous store! Cameron did not score a bunch of cute stuff for a ridiculously low price.

No way did Keith take his school group up the mountain for a day of snowboarding. No it wasn't the best day he's had up there in quite a while. No way, Jose.

No we did not dress Cam up in Keith's snowboarding gear Saturday night when he got home.

I did not go all the way out to Palm Springs with our friends after church yesterday for Cheesecake Factory lunch. I didn't order the most amazing Raspberry Martini with a sugar-coated rim just because I did not have my family with me. No it didn't cost ELEVEN DOLLARS! Nope, that didn't hurt one bit.

And, NO I wasn't the only person without a spouse and child in our group of 9 adults. Nope I couldn't possibly be such a loner.

Oh, and by the way - Cameron did not wake up at least 4 times last night. No we have no idea why he could be doing this...couldn't possibly be a new tooth popping through.

I do NOT take way too many pictures. I did not just clean out our February picture folder, and did not erase over 500 pictures. No, that doesn't leave...ummm...424 left...still! No, never happened.

No, I didn't like doing this NMM (not me monday)!


  1. Mmm... cheesecake factory! Sounds yummy to me! I hope your week this week is truly AMAZING!

  2. you are so funny! i loved it! you should do these more often! and umm wow $11! wow!

  3. I would have spent the 11 bucks too! Martinis are my fave (of course, not at the moment) :)

  4. Sometimes peer pressure is not a bad thing! Welcome to Not Me Mondays!

  5. So you decided to join the NMM clan...Sucker!!!!!You just could not resist.


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