These are the days of our lives

It seems like a long time since I last blogged...but maybe that's just because it seems like we have so much going on these days.

We flew back to LAX on Easter Sunday (bad flight scheduling on my part...oops!). Our new roomies, the Millsoms invited us over for Easter dinner with Katie's parents. We love the Millsoms! They have unselfishly made huge space for us in their lives. [Come to think of it, so many of our friends share this same characteristic.] In any case, we are so appreciative of Colin and Katie and their generosity and thoughtfulness. So, an Easter that could have been 'blah' turned out to be really nice.

Sunday also marked the first day we officially moved in with Katie and Colin, although we moved much of our stuff over before we left on vacation. They've made us feel so welcome in their home! Neither Keith nor I have ever really had roommates before, but the first 72 hours seem to be going great :)

We did get some good pictures of Cameron in Oregon, spending time with the Clayton side of his family - including cousins and great-grandparents. Our stay was short, but we had much fun.

[Park fun - great grandma, great aunt and daddy]

[With cousins Natalie, Sean and Sam - getting a decent picture with 4 kids is NOT easy!]

[Bathtime with Sam]
[With Sean and Sam]

[Not wanting to be left out of DDR
fun with Kandas, Cam insisted he be held
- but I would have lost either way!]

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  1. Let me try that again!! :)
    I'm so bummed that you guys are gone!! Church get togethers just won't be the same without The Claytons!!! :(


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