Not really a not me Monday...really

Yes, it's Monday! Bleck. Normally I would do a NMM! but we had such a great weekend I just feel like being straight-up with what really went down.

It seems like we have nailed down a for sure day when we will be heading back up to Oreeeghun. June 22. That's about three weeks out. Apparently our friends just can't wait to get rid of us because they threw us a super-surprise going away party. I mean SURPRISE like scream in total shock. I don't really think they are excited to get rid of us (well...maybe?) but we were totally caught off guard by the party. So many of the people we've grown close to since we've lived here were there and it was so awesome! Some of us headed back to the house to hang out - good times!

The next morning at church we were called up to the front so the pastor could pray for us and our move. Pastor Rod was invited to our party but couldn't make it but said he had been thinking about us. I just totally lost it up there. If you were at church Sunday and had to watch me cry I am so sorry! My "I'm trying not to cry but I'm going to start sobbing soon" face is not cute. Awkward! But it was very nice to have the people of Sanctuary church praying for us because there is so much up in the air right now.

All of these things (the party, people starting to say goodbye) are just making our move more and more real. I think the more real it gets the more in denial I am. What a wreck I'm going to be leaving this place!

This is all very confusing because at the same time we're moving to Oregon and SOOOO EXCITED about it. Is that screwed up to be sooo sad but sooo excited at the same time? Normal probably.

BLEH! Enough talking, time for pictures.

[loving the swings!]

[Keith is such a bad-mother!]

[Cam and Ev are the bestest buddies ever]

[See what I mean? fun at the after-party,
the surprise party that is]

[love balloons!]

[running around during our awesome par-tay!]

[Jannae had the great idea to put Baylee's
dress on as a shirt and her shorts on his head]

[we thought it was so hilarious we accidentally woke
up Michael, the sleeping beauty...sorry Mikey!]

[lookin good as usual, Baylee]

[no, that's not fog along those hills. More like smog...niiiiiice]

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  1. I didnt know Pastor Rod did that!! Kinda glad I wasn't there..I would have lost it too!
    I loved seeing those pictures of Cam! I laughed out loud again!
    Love ya! Don't want the 22nd to get here! nope! not at all!


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