Not Me Monday!

Nope, all this stuff did not happen in the Clayton house and we did not live to tell about it....

*No, it has not been...err...MANY weeks since my last not me monday.

*No we did not make the one hour drive to go to Elk Lake both on Saturday and Sunday to play in the water and have fun renting their sweet paddleboards.

*Keith's dad, stepmom and stepbro did not come here to spend the weekend for a wedding at the lake on Saturday. It was not great to have house guests!

*Cam would never have fallen in love with rocks while we were hanging out at Elk Lake. He did not walk around with a ginormous rock the whole evening on Saturday and love throwing it around.

[don't make me hurt you lady!]

*We did not do something on the water 3 days last week, including an early afternoon float down the deschutes. There is no way we would have had the ENTIRE river to ourselves without seeing another single floater (if you knew how busy the river gets, you would know how amazing this is)!

*It is NOT hotter than hades here in Central Oregon. Well...actually...it's been mid-90s, NOTHING even CLOSE to other places like SoCal, but still hot! Noooo I do not think of all of you living in the IE everytime I want to complain about the heat.

*Keith definitely has not found a decent amount of good leads in the job department and NOOOOO he does not have an interview on Thursday. This position is not as an instructor for an online school, allowing him to work from home 3 days a week! I do not think it would be awesome if he got this job!

*These are not some other fun pictures from our week that I wanted to share!

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