What a weekend! We headed up to Portland for a number of reasons:

1. Keith got a speeding ticket back in May while we were in town for Kandas' wedding. It could have been catastrophic (going 52 MPH in a 35 - CONSTRUCTION!!) but the officer was oh-so-nice and changed the fine to 52 in a 40 and didn't note the construction zone or we would have been totally hosed. What a nice man! Anyway he was hoping to get traffic school instead of paying the fine and having it go on our insurance. His court date was Thursday. While he didn't get it totally dismissed, the officer once again did him a huge favor and made the fine the absolute minimum. It was pretty much the best we could have gotten, short of having the ticket totally dropped.

2. A friend from college was getting married! We've been friends with Bethany since we ourselves have been married. She's a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ who we've been supporting and have stayed in touch through updates in her ministry at Portland State University. What an amazing person, so deserving of the happiness she has found. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, we were thankful to have been a part of it.

We were able to leave Cam with the grandparents (so thankful for being able to do this now!!!), but since Keith and I were all gussied up we managed to snap a couple pics.

3. Natalie, our niece (her and brother stayed with us over the 4th of July), turned 8 Friday and her party was Saturday. She had a fun outdoor party, complete with a HUGE blow-up waterslide. All the kids seemed to have a great time and the party went well past it's 2.5 hour set time. Lots of fun and laughs!

We always come back from staying at Craig & Kari's house with lots of good pics, great memories and a smile on our faces. Here are some pics from around the house:

[the little pond in their back yard has lots of these little frogs in it]

[these kitties - and 4 others - were found living under
their shed when they were about 6 weeks old]

[momma kitty]

[we like licorice!!!]

[turns out he LOVES blueberries, but we are also PRETTY sure he is allergic. He broke out in a huge rash the next morning all over his body...sorry, buddy!]

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