still backtracking...camping at Cougar Reservoir

This past weekend we spent with family (Melissa's side) at cougar reservoir. it was a good halfway point for us (Claytons + G-straps) and Mel's dad & co. About 90 minutes away, we found ourselves at an awesome campsite right on the water with excellent access to the boat and all the fun things that come with it. Enough talk, on to the pictures.

[before our trip out there Cam had a serious run-in with the barstool. we put this kool patch on to help with swelling/pain/bruising. He looked so cute with it on PLUS the damage was minimal. Sweet!]

[all 3 of the sisters - Steph, Rebekah and Rachel - they seem normal enough...]

[Those 2 are tweakers]

[enjoying the sights at cougar reservoir]

[trying to balance on Shamu]

[probably the best way to get on that thing]

[neither of us had waterskiied for YEARS.
It was really fun but the water was FREEEEEZING.]

[good idea? maybe not...but Keith had fun]

[Stephanie and Rebekah are too cool for school]

[Jaden was in love with his new drum set]

We tried messing around with a fire stick and the camera's shutter.
We kept ourselves entertained with this!
[Matty's sweet sunglasses and fro]

[I wrote this for you SoCal people - Miss U!!]

[my dad and Jaden]

[is there a better way to cook a chicken? I think not!]

[ready in 2 hours and cooked to perfection]

[nerd alert]

[meet matt g-strap (short for gilstrap : gstrap is more fun to say)]

[playing some ball at sunset]

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