Keith and I had Stephanie over for the day on Sunday. We were all working hard on business stuff (we are going to open our own in the Spring – interested in investing? :). Anyway, we were all very focused on what each of us were doing when somebody looked down and said “OH CRAP!”

All I remember thinking was “please DSC_0007be dry erase, please be dry erase.” When I saw the marker he used I was not encouraged. It looked EXACTLY like a Sharpie. Not good. But, as it turned out Jaden brought over his dry erase set so he could practice his letters. This rubbed right off but caused quite a scare. YIKES!

And, in other news…well, actually there isn’t much other news to speak of. We’ve been playing it VERY low-key. I’ve made myself semi-busy planning Cameron’s birthday party (I can’t believe he’s going to be TWO!). It’s a cowboy theme and yesterday I found this awesome site that generates ‘Wanted’ posters. I made 20, yes 20, of them for most of the people coming to the party. I will probably make more but you really have to get the creative juices flowing for this! Check out the one I made for Cam:Cameron wanted

Not bad, ay?

Coming up for this weekend: the Beaver game! We have some hookups with a friend with free tickets – how could we possibly resist? Keith WE are very excited! It’s going to be awesome! GO BEAVS!

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