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Our little froggy loves baths and even more he loves wearing his cute little bath wrap after. He thinks it’s the most hilarious thing to come out of the bath and run around nakey with a frog on his head. He knows frogs say “ribbit!”  October 2009 515





It’s officially fall in Central Oregon. The leaves are down.October 2009 527 October 2009 528

October 2009 525 October 2009 526October 2009 537    October 2009 542

Potty training is going okay. There was a week or two I thought I should maybe pack it up for a month or so since he was starting so young. But thanks to the advice of a couple of good mommies I was encouraged to stick with it. It’s been almost a month and he’s starting to tell us when it’s time to pee-pee and yesterday he even said poo-poo. Granted, he had already gone in his pants, but he wasn’t finished and did so on the potty! Baby steps! We will get there and it’s very encouraging!

If you aren’t a parent, don’t you look forward to the days you can blog about pee and poop? :)

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