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Yes, it’s Sunday night. Sundays are lame. Lame because it always means Keith has to leave for the weekend, back to Portland. On the other hand, it did snow today – made for a cozy afternoon just roaming around the house. I looooove having the fire on! This is the first place we’ve (or I) have ever lived in with a fireplace and it’s wonderful! I love being able to flip the switch and BAM! instant mood lighting. Super cozy.


I found a super awesome deal from the Picture People for a portrait package and took Cameron down the other day to get some taken. CUTE! I’m a little disappointed in myself in the picture I chose to have printed but A- I was exhausted from chasing him around for the last 20 mins while we waited for the proofs; B- hungry and that’s no good in my world C-did I mention soo tired? Keith was going to meet me but because traffic was so jacked I told him I’d just meet him at home. So, it’s a bummer that the print I chose wasn’t the best one but hey, it was free and I have some cute digi-proofs for myself so I could make a fun collage :) 

*I did want to mention that a couple of weeks ago Cameron and cousin Jaden went for a pic session as well. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the pics from WAL*MART turned out a million times better! The girl there was muuuuch better with kids than the Picture People girl. I don’t get it! The price difference (if I had actually paid for my session @ PP) is unreal yet the cheaper pics were much more attractive.

Cameron’s birthday is Friday and his party is here on Saturday! It’s been a great reason to make some serious headway on the house. The living room, kitchen and hall are going to be completely painted and many pictures hung. This is a serious improvement over the past three months. It’s beginning to look like home here!

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