It’s almost Christmas!

This is going to be brief but I wanted to catch up on some of the happenings recently. Mom’s flight was cancelled (from Georgia) the first night she was supposed to be here, so we ended up spending the night in Portland in order to pick her up the next afternoon. Keith decided to surprise himself  errr – Me by going to see the Beavers play basketball in Corvallis. We hadn’t been back to Gill Coliseum since we graduated (last game was in 2004!) so it was nice to be back. They’d done a lot of renovations and the place was looking great :)

December 2009 078 December 2009 084

[showing off the Beaver stamps or beebers according to Cameron on our hands]

December 2009 090 December 2009 091

[not exactly a full house v. East Mississippi Valley State College…who?]

December 2009 098 December 2009 100

[lindy and Neil + Natalie came to watch too]

December 2009 103 December 2009 106 December 2009 115

[Cheering during the Beaver fight song]

December 2009 117

[truly, though he really just was more interested in climbing up and down the seats and stairs]

December 2009 125

[we needed a tree star so I whipped this bad boy up.]

December 2009 128

[yup, our tree is still straight out of a Charlie Brown Christmas but at least it has a star on top now! :)]

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