Los Claytons lately.

Lots of stuff has been happening. Life has just been swirling all around us. Some stuff good, some stuff bad. Between the happenings of los Claytons and local family, I’d say God is showing us how important it is to trust in Him as we weather all storms.

We are moving. I am so not looking forward to packing up EVERYTHING. Again. Back in those college years we moved 2 times an academic year (once to the dorms and once home) so between 2000 and 2005 we’d moved a total of 10 times (we lived in the same apartment for 2 years once we were married). Yuck. It was so nice to be settled in SoCal – we stayed put for FOUR magical years! But it seems we’ve gone right back into the swing of things. Did I this will happen in 2 weeks? Blerg.

Cameron must be cutting his final molars. He’s been waking every night at least once. Last night – FOUR TIMES. Maybe he’s reminding me what it will be like to have a newborn again?

Keith has a second job, it’s been a serious financial blessing.

We could use prayer. Many of you know of our plans to start a business. We’ve hit sort of a wall and are having a really hard time busting through it. I have a feeling God wants this just was we want it for ourselves, but the avenue of achieving this dream is a winding all over the place – we’ve taken soooo many detours. Nothing is as simple as it seems, especially in this case.  Too many of our prayers have been answered and we’ve come too far to give up, but my prayer now is for clarity in all of this.

After a total of 30+ hours of stripping wall paper, sanding walls and, in some cases, retexturing walls – I am officially done. It feels good to have finished. oof.

Cameron is the cutest kid ever! We love him so much!

The End.


  1. Praying for God to lead you and Keith in the right directions for starting the business. Moving definitely can be a pain...especially after how much we did in and out of the halls. I hope that this next move will last for a long time. Be good to yourself in the process. Take care!

  2. Where are you moving? What business are you trying to start? I guess I have been out of the loop. I will keep you all in my prayers and good luck with the move!


  3. Jenn and Chelsea - we are moving to Bend. Sooo excited, can't wait!

    Chels - we are thisclose to opening a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. Living in Alaska you might not have seen many, but while we lived in SoCal they were BLOWING UP and Oregon is just starting to catch on!

    Thanks for the prayers, everyone!


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