I told myself I would avoid doing this as long as I possibly could. I’m not a huge fan of the buzzed look for little boys, but understand that sometimes there is no other way. Today Cameron’s long locks met their match. I decided I’d buzz the sides with plans to use scissors on top if he would allow it.


[the aftermath]

He was WAY too squirmy! I knew 2 minutes into it that we’d be shaving off all his hair. It’s not as bad as I thought, but his shaggy locks were starting to grow on me! He needed a haircut, though – my past 3 or so home-haircuts were starting to show their flaws in a major way! So, here’s a before and after:


[Hey mom, where’s all my hair?]


  1. Cute! Then again...I married a guy in the Army (or at least he was at the time) so I'm used to the shorter hair.

  2. OMG! he looks soooo different! wow! Can't wait to see other pics! Love it! Great job mel!


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