The last few weeks have been ridonkulous! I packed up the old house really in just a few days (I sort of felt like we were still moving in!) and have begun the depressing task of unpacking. I say depressing because who likes to undo all of their tedious packing work after just a couple of days? I did find a small remedy to that problem: pack crappily! I did just that, but it’s still all very lame.

Keith did us the pleasure of taking last Friday off so we could move with the truck that day. Friday was, all in all, a very bad day. Cameron woke up wheezing and with what sounded like a very bad sore throat. He was not a happy camper. I woke up with a headache that quickly progressed into the mother of all migraines. Let me just put this out there: moving and migraines don’t mix. No bueno.

We rented a gigantic 24’ moving truck, and were filling it up by 9 AM. Most of los Claytons’ belongings were loaded into the garage in order to get things done as quickly as possible. As soon as the truck was crammed we zipped down South the lovely hamlet of Bend, Oregon (~15 miles) and began unloading the truck. Did I mention we decided to move in with my sister and her family (more on that later) so this would have to be repeated all in the same day? I was exhausted just thinking about it.

As for this then-13 weeks preggers person, I wasn’t much help. Most of the boxes I loaded up were waaaay too heavy to comfortably lift. And since I had a headache that made my head feel like it was imploding I was doubly worthless. Everyone worked their butts of and the loading truck was finally returned around 10 PM. What a crazy day!

So, why in the world would we decide to get roomies? There were a bunch of circumstances leading us in this direction but we found the PERFECT house to accommodate all of us. Also, we figure when the business is off the ground having the kids in one place and only one household to care for will only simplify things. I’ve already lived with my sister so there shouldn’t be any surprises :) Only this time we don’t have to share a room.

I looooove living in Bend. For you SoCal people our old town was sort of like Yucaipa and Bend is more like Redlands. It’s just a more happening place and more suited towards the things we like to do. Life is good.

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