Easter and a birthday

The past couple of weekends have been busy, full of good things! Easter Sunday was great, the Gstraps and los Claytons enjoyed a great service at our new church, with plans for an easter egg hunt and sledding in the afternoon.

Earlier in the week we’d already dyed a batch of eggs, and because of sheer boredom, the boys had done MANY easter egg hunts before sunday actually arrived. Those eggs got WORKED so we needed to make more. These ones I did myself and just used plain, old food coloring. I have to say, it was less fuss and these ones look better so I think we’ll be old school next year and do it the old-fashioned way! 
April 2010 001

After getting a bite to eat after church, we all suited up – hot cocoa in hand and headed to the mountain for some sledding. Getting everyone ready was NOT easy and by the time we got there, the boys were pooped.

April 2010 009 April 2010 013 April 2010 014

[check out Cam crying all the way down. Priceless]

April 2010 017 April 2010 020 April 2010 021

[attempting a snow angel by himself. his face is too funny!]

**The egg hunt never happened, the boys had enough from the 3 dozen they did earlier in the week. A photo op missed, but I know next year to make them wait for it! :)**

Time to head home for some dinner and strawberry shortcake. My plan was to use some canned strawberries hanging out in the pantry, but I opened them and saw this…

April 2010 022

[Gross! I should have known, I was looking for more at the store and they didn’t have any canned strawberries. Next time let’s get the real thing, ay?]

 April 2010 024 April 2010 028

[these hats came in the mail in an easter basket from grammie. goobers!]

April 2010 037 April 2010 039

[he really did like his first slurpee…I promise!]

The following weekend we headed to Springfield to help celebrate Rebekah’s (a younger sister) 12th birthday.

April 2010 056 April 2010 086

[Bekah and Rachel are models. Strike a pose – that’s fierce!]

April 2010 122

[this suit was my DAD’S when he was Cameron’s age. Crazy!]

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