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Things here are going well! Life with 2 kids is great – I keep saying over and over how much easier it is this time around. Part of that I attribute to some success with Babywise – a schedule that has proved CRUCIAL to our my quality of life (Keith would be happy with any situation). Jackson is such a great baby! Sleeping and eating without much problem. What a relief!

October 2010 615 October 2010 625

Cameron is keeping us on our toes. Just the other day I heard him calling for me and found him in here. A tight fit, might I add. October 2010 628 October 2010 629

Halloween! Too cute.

October 2010 631

The adults sported some pretty sweet wigs. Keith looks good, yes?

October 2010 634 October 2010 647October 2010 636   October 2010 655October 2010 651 October 2010 656

A visit with the grandparents…

October 2010 677

We were in town for Keith’s dad’s birthday and I cooked a pretty yummy dinner if I do say so myself. For the first time Cam had the honor of licking the beater. I think I was jealous – that’s usually my job.

October 2010 687October 2010 682  October 2010 689  October 2010 695October 2010 694

These are just kind of funny. I love Jackson’s face – priceless!

October 2010 705 October 2010 711

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  1. Great pictures...but I especially like the beater-licking pictures. Yum!!


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