Instead of discipline…

When Cameron walked up to me and said “Hi Mommy!” looking like this did I get mad? Nope, tried to hide my laugh and grabbed my camera. I’m really not sure what inspired him to color all over his face but the randomness of it just made me smile.

December 2010 002 December 2010 005

And, just for fun here are some pictures I took this morning. Cameron wanted to have Jackson sitting next to him. Cam’s such a lover!

December 2010 007   December 2010 010

Gotta love this seat! He’s just barely getting to the point where we can put him in there. Is he seriously three months old already?!

December 2010 014December 2010 015

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  1. You need to get the book "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More" for Cameron! My kiddos absolutely love this book (about a kid who paints ALL OVER himself and the house!) and it would be a good present for him!


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