Recap. Soooooo loooooooong.

I have SO many pictures on my camera that need to be uploaded/explained, but I’m not sure it’s totally necessary to explain most of them…
May has been good to us, we’ve found ourselves here and there – making plenty of good memories.
First stop, Belknap Hot Springs for a surprise birthday party involving our Brother in Law, Matt. Stephanie had a pretty big time surprise birthday party set up for him out there. She rented a giant house and we headed over to celebrate. Really fun. Really. Cameron was instructed to bring his ninja costume and here’s why:
May 2011 126 May 2011 132 May 2011 138 May 2011 144 May 2011 151 May 2011 156 May 2011 166
Ninjas for life.
It was a short stay, about 18 hours. It was the first time there weren’t any owners at the shop. It feels good but so, so scary to be letting go – even if only a little. Like leaving a baby at daycare for the first time, ya know?!
Last weekend we needed to head to Portland for some furniture, etc for the new store. IKEA is so perfect for those things! We decided to make a family trip out of it, leaving a day earlier than we had planned to shop with Steph. I am REALLY not a fan of Portland. It’s ridiculously hard to get around (I ALWAYS get lost…) it’s always dreary, the people are flippin’ weird (ever heard ‘keep portland weird’? This is a real slogan for the city) and I just generally dislike it because it ate my husband up for weeks at a time last school year while he worked there.
Despite all this, we had a pretty legendary weekend. Portland, you have redeemed yourself. Partly.
May 2011 305 May 2011 311 May 2011 317
It was one of the nicer days we’d seen in a while, 70’s and sunny. Keith told Cam he could run in the fountains but had to keep his shorts dry. riiiiiight.
May 2011 333 May 2011 341
Sticking his head in water.
May 2011 344 May 2011 353 May 2011 356 May 2011 358
Totally loving life.
May 2011 359  May 2011 364 May 2011 366 May 2011 375
That’s our kid, sitting on the fountain. Classic! Billy Madison, anyone? His shorts were SOAKED! But he was having so much fun, it would have been mean to stop him.
 May 2011 394
Waiting for the MAX train. Pretty much the coolest thing ever if you are a 3.5 year old boy.
May 2011 398 May 2011 401 May 2011 413
All smiles, as usual.
May 2011 415
Check it out. Drooling before we even left the parking lot. ZONKED
May 2011 426
He’s not really even close to crawling yet. TOTALLY FINE BY ME! Not sure I would have said that first time around. Cam was crawling by now, but I now realize how much harder it gets with a mover! Stay still as long as possible, baby J. PLEASE!
May 2011 427 May 2011 431 May 2011 435
This baby absolutely adores his brother. He gets the biggest smile on his face whenever Cam is close by. It makes my heart happy.
May 2011 445 May 2011 448 May 2011 450 May 2011 454 May 2011 458 May 2011 461 May 2011 463
Best big brother in the world. Big personality in such a tiny package.
In other news, we got our pictures back from this round of Jackson’s first year. The nine monthers turned out great! I LOOVE so many of the ones with the boys together. Score.
Clayton03 Clayton04 Clayton05 Clayton10 Clayton20 Clayton21 Clayton25 Clayton28 Clayton30 Clayton31 Clayton33 Clayton36 Clayton39 Clayton44 Clayton46
I’m 3 y’all! I don’t know why he thinks this is the best way to make a three but it’s flippin’ hilarious! Love him!


  1. I love allllllll of this! Baby J is so cute! Love ya!

  2. Wonderful pictures of both boys!

  3. And this is why Nick and I really need to come meet the boys this summer. Ninjas! heck yes! Missed seeing you Melissa but was so fun to catch up with Keith.

    P.S. We love Cuppa Yo. Yo Wild = sucks.


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