El fourtho de July

I didn’t end up taking many pictures on the fourth but it was pretty awesome. (I think I say awesome a lot…I should work on that)

July 2011 342 July 2011 343

On our way to watch the Bend Pet Parade. By the way, the pet parade = lame. Think lots of people just being in a parade because they have pets in lame costumes. In fact, most people in the “parade” don’t even have pets. Even though this parade is incredibly stupid, it’s pretty much a Bend tradition. You HAVE to go. It’s what you do.

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A few hours later we rode our bikes over to the Freedom Ride. The Freedom ride is pretty much a crappload of people on bikes (most of these people are drunk) who pretty much take over the streets of bend for a couple of hours. It was hot and crowded but we will DEFINITELY do it again next year. Cameron was on the tow-behind/trailer bike of my cruiser and Jackson was chillin in the back of Keith’s bike. They were both safe and it was just fun. Maybe a little hot. Want to know more about the freedom ride? Check this link out:


Here’s a youtube from this year’s ride:



July 2011 377 July 2011 378

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