Well, it seems it's the cool thing these days to have a family blog. Not wanting to be left out or un-cool, it's about time we started one. Hopefully it won't be lame or cheesy and we are able to update it regularly! I am writing from Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. We are staying in Honolulu with our friend from our OSU days, Tymmy. He's been an awesome host, even set us up with our own mini apartment! Yes, folks it's all about who you know it seems.

We flew in Wednesday night and leave Monday - will have been here something like 11 days. The weather wasn't that great the first couple of days, but it is now beautiful! We've been driving around like mad checking out many beautiful beaches. This place is amazing! We are having fun just taking it all in and relaxing as a family. I guess since Cameron is a baby he probably has little to relax from, so he's been busy crawling in and taking facefuls of sand. We are hoping he'll be walking soon and when he's bigger we can say he learned to walk in Hawaii! Not many kids can say that! :)

I leave you with the sunset we saw from our car on the way back from North Shore last night! I'm going to pretend to be Hawaiian and say Mahalo for looking at our new blog! Stay tuned for more!

Aloha, LosClaytons

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