Can I just say that I have a sickness? when I started this blog I had no idea I'd become so obsessed with making it pretty. I have wasted too much time -- but I suppose I had nothing else to do during Cameron's bed and nap times. Anyway, after all that...here it is! New and improved!

This morning we headed off to Ala Moana (a very close-by beach) for a short time. Then headed back to get a nap for the kid. After he's all awake and fed we are waiting for Tymmy to get out of a meeting so we can head out and explore. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We are hoping to head out early to North Shore where the Vans Triple Crown surf competition is going on. It's sort of a big deal and we're hoping the surf will be huge enough for them to do it tomorrow. What an awesome way to celebrate Thanksgiving. We are thankful for the opportunity to be in such an amazing place, that's for sure!

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  1. I'm addicted too! I am more addicted to this then myspace! I love posting!! it's amazing! I love reading about what chu guys are doing in hawaii!


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