Another great day

Well, keeping with tradition here are my thoughts for today.

What an awesome day! We started the morning out by heading to North Shore to watch one of the three competitions that are a part of the Vans Triple Crown surf competition. From what I've read it was like the super bowl of surfing, so we were very fortunate to be able to watch. We watched about 3 hours worth of surfing and there were some gigantic waves! It was fun, but I was expecting a little more action -- sort of like Blue Crush if you've ever seen that movie. HA! Life should be more like the movies. Joking. But it was cool and there were lots of talented surfers there.

But then we went up the shore and returned to my Corona - yes, the Mexi beer - beach (Keith, Tymmy and myself have all found our Corona beaches, but they are all different). Each of our Corona beach looks just like the ones in the Corona commercial. Gorgeous! Anyway, there I am swimming along in the ocean and decide it's time to get out. Feeling a little self-conscious because I feel like there are two people pretty much staring at me, I take some time to make sure my suit is in the right places (talk about embarrassing!) and carefully step out and onto the rocks on shore. As I'm getting out, pretending to ignore the 2 people that I'm sure are looking at me, the guy says: "did you see that turtle swimming right next to you?!".
Me: "WHAAAAT?!" (pretty much shrieking because I'm obviously excited). I turn around and there's this super cool turtle feeding on the rocks right there below the shoreline RIGHT where I stepped out. He must have literally been swimming RIGHT next to me. Sooo cool.

That's two turtles in two days in case you are keeping track. I managed to get some really good pictures of him from the beach. I ♥ Hawaii!

That's my swimming buddy, the turtle. I think I'm gonna call him Buddy. He was VERY close ... less than 3 feet at one point! I can't believe how friendly the turtles are here. On the right, turtles need to breathe too!

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