Not a great day to be a Beaver

Today the Beavs had a chance to do something big for OSU football and the Pac-10 conference. There were high hopes for the Rose Bowl and the money and attention that comes with it. The Civil War ended in a blood bath and was a not-so-fun way for Beaver fans to spend the afternoon.

Had we become eligible for the Rose Bowl, K&M planned to make the trek to Pasadena and bask in the glory of being Pac-10 Champs. Well crap on that. It is not going to happen because, #1: the Beavs choked and #2: Oregon kicked the poo-poo out of us. They just kept scoring and scoring and scoring. Our guys might as well have layed down at Reser Stadium in the fetal position and let the Ducks kick them in the man-junk. It would have been just as fun to see. NOT COOL!

There's always next year...

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