Viva!! El Paso

[Did you know orange and black are Oregon State colors? Well now you do so don't make that mistake again. Keith might get mad :) Anyway, this is my homage to the beavs...]

Tomorrow we head out for El Paso, Texas. It's about 8 hours from here, but Keith's aunt and uncle live in Phoenix - a great place to stop and split up the trip. Are you wondering why we are going to El Paso? To support the Beavers, of course! We are playing in the Sun Bowl vs. Pittsburgh.

Obviously we are hoping for a win but it would be especially cool because OSU lost to Pittsburgh at the Insight bowl our sophomore year (info courtesy of self-proclaimed "football guru", Keith). So, this is a rematch of sorts. We have pretty decent seats so if all else fails at least there's that, right???

The game is on the 31st, so we will be celebrating the new year in Phoenix. Neil, Keef's bro, is flying in from Portland so it will be fun. We will miss our homies here though! Be safe you guys and we will see you when we get back!


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