Best day EVER

What's so great about today, you ask? Keith scheduled my Christmas massage for this morning. It was amazing! I only end up going for a massage every 6 months or so [if I'm lucky!] and each time I wonder why I wait so long! It was a relaxation massage - my favorite because there's no pain involved, just lots of oil and muscle rubbing! Does that sound kinky? Well, it's lovely.

[Cam loves his new friends! Off to Riverside we go]

After my massage I go out into the reception area and there's my man and son. Keith had already paid and even remembered the tip! What a man!

Where to next, you ask? SUSHI! The best meal ever! Cameron has already started using chopsticks like a champ. They weren't quite open when we got there, so we decided to kill some time at the park next door.

[One of his first times on the slide. He's a big fan of the swings!]

[Chopstick chomper!]

Then, THE MALL! Does Keith know how to treat a girl or what? The reason I asked to go to the mall (The galleria at Tyler in Riverside) was because of the big, huge, fat, ginormous sale Bath & Body Works always have after Christmas. I love that sale. Not only was everything SUPER cheap, I also had a $10 off $30 coupon (here it is, expires 12.31 - you can thank me later!). I got 10 items for $21.56!!!!! Coupon queen, at your service! Did I mention I also had a coupon off sushi too?! 10 Bucks off. It feels better to spend when you know you are saving. Can I get a what, what?

Cam fell asleep on the way home and it was the perfect time to use his Christmas present. I think it's called a neck buddy or something...it's a little traveling pillow that fits around his neck. I thought it would be perfect since we're always out and about and he's sometimes forced to take naps in his car seat. Keeps his little neck from getting kinks. Check it out, so cute!

A big thanks to Keith for such an awesome day! I love you, Keith!

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