The Watchers

Only in Yucaipa...this is so freaking weird. There are these people, known as "the Watchers". They have cameras rolling pointed from inside their home facing the street/sidewalk at all times. If you linger outside their property long enough they will come out. EVERYONE in the city knows who these people are. It's so creepy. Lots of people (aka middle and high school kids) give them a lot of grief, stopping by to harass them or see what the watchers might do, I feel a little bad for them. Clearly these are not normal, rational people. This is the stuff good horror movies are made of. Check it out!


In other news, I found some sort of gray hair in my eyebrows. Definitely worthy of a photo and blog entry. Seriously though, is it gray or just devoid of any pigment? I'm not ready to start seeing grays yet!

Did I mention it's freaking cold here? Okay, okay not Oregon or North Pole cold, but surprisingly cold for this area. It could get 12-18 inches of snow in the 3000' elevation. We are crossing our fingers for a snow day (see: day off) tomorrow. It could be wishful thinking but we are hopeful!

PS - stay tuned, Keith has something he wants to say.

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