A Keith post about math?

Here is Keith's first blog post. Neat. First, I obviously want our son Cameron to be at least a capable athlete so that we can enjoy playing sports together. However, as a math teacher, it is obligatory that our son also be a "mathelete" as he grows up, so I decided to give him his first calculator while he was still a young lad. Here he is enjoying the buttons:

Here is Cameron tasting the calculator. At this time it appears he prefers either eating or numbing his teething pain over doing mathematical calculations. Don't worry, I wasn't upset about this :)

It is always very funny to see how kids interact with each other. The girl below was the neighbor girl of our friends, and she is a month older than Cameron and apparently knows the meaning of hugging. Cameron didn't seem to interested in the ladies yet either. Our boy doesn't like girls or mathematics? What is wrong with him? Hahahaha.

This chic was not about to let Cam pretend like cooties were important, she went in for the kill. Better take this while you can get it, future mathelete. Once you start liking math too much Cam, you might have a hard time gettin' some love from the ladies like this.

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  1. Cam and Lilly were so cute this weekend!!! good job keith your blogger abilities are almost as good as melissa's! =)


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