We made it but Ugg!

Well, we made it home alive! The flight was okay - Cameron slept through 3 of the 5 hours but didn't make the first hour or so easy on us. He was not a happy camper! Thankfully, though, we were able to coax him to sleep with a bottle and some serious rocking. Here's how he spent most of the flight:

But that wasn't the hard part. The hard part was figuring how to get from LAX to where our car was parked in Norwalk (about 20 miles). When we parked it 12 days ago we took the Metro Green line and it really wasn't a huge deal. Actually, it was pretty great considering we didn't have to bother anyone to take us clear out to LAX (at least a 1.5 hour drive) and we didn't have to pay to park at LAX (which would have been the better part of $100...not our cheap butts, no way). So, we did take the metro for a whopping $2.25. The problem: we felt slightly uncomfortable taking it that late at night (our flight landed at 9:10PM, local time). But after the few people living nearby we knew couldn't do it, we had no other choice. Armed with some serious prayers but not much else, we braved the Green line with our luggage, car seat and 14 month old and stuck it out. It was a delightfully uneventful trip and we were so thankful not to have any horror stories. Here's to next time and much better planning skills so we can do things at a more reasonable time of day.

We got home and after settling in a bit were in bed by 12:15AM. We were beat. Keith bravely pulled himself out of bed this morning and was gone at 6:00. I stayed home with the babe, bracing myself for Cam's majorly messed up body-clock. He woke up at 6:37 (I know because when I looked at the clock I could have cried) but has been amazingly pleasant so far. Phew!

The only problem is that I have NO FOOD! Waaaaah!

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  1. We need to share our 1st hour on the plane rides home stories! Baylee and I had a very rough 1st hour too! I ended up crying! no joke! we'll chat soon and laugh at eachother for sure!


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