Mahalo, O'ahu

Well, today was our last full day in Honolulu. We spent it at Hanauma Bay and did some world-class snorkeling. And, yup you guessed it, we saw more turtles! I have some sort of sinus thing going on so I didn't spend as much time in the water...saw one turtle and then sent Keith out (watching Cam) to check the creature out. He pretty much took off and was MIA for at least an hour BUT I guess saw another turtle during that time. Why in the heck do I keep going on and on about turtles? Holy cow it's because they're such awesome creatures! If you ever get the chance to observe one in the wild I think you should because it's one of the coolest things! Such a rush to be that close to such a seemingly-ancient animal.

Anyway, we've seen so many great things while we've been here. It was awesome to take one of our first "real" vacations in forever. Usually we are spending our breaks driving either to Oregon or back to California (and vice-versa when we had family in Cali and were at University in OR)...I think we forgot what a real vacation was like! It was so great! I love vacations! :) I think we are going to have a tough time explaining-away our bronzed skin to coworkers who aren't supposed to know why we skipped school aka work for a couple extra days. Totally worth it though! hahahahahaha....

We can't wait to come back to Hawaii! It was beautiful! Special thanks to Tymmy who was a ridiculously great host, meeting our every need - even if we didn't know it existed. You rock, T-fly!

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