Winter in SoCal!

It's officially getting cold here. Would you like to know how I've come to this realization? Okay. Wanting to show off my hawaii tan-ness, I wore a skirt to work today. The teacher I subbed for works most of the day in his classroom but 2 periods are outside for PE. Wearing [open-toed] platform slides (as in shoes) and a skirt kept me from thinking anything but BRRR I'm SO FREAKING COLD!

Granted, I've gotten spoiled living here. I know in Oregon right now it's literally freezing, probably snowing, and you can DEFINITELY see your breath at all times. That's what cold really is. But I don't know, it was probably mid-50s today and windy and you could ALMOST see your breath. Considering the weather we've recently had it was truly cold. And I was not dressed appropriately. Brrr....I'm still thawing out.

In other news, the tree is up! This is actually the first year since living here we've put one up. It was a little tricky finding a place where Cameron wouldn't rip it down, but we did. It's a cute little thing!

As I was writing this, Keith noticed Cameron had fallen asleep in his high chair. He must have been truly exhausted because he's never done this before. The kid is practically snoring. As Keith says, a true Clayton boy. HA!

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  1. Crazy that Cam fell asleep while you were writing this at 6:11...that's stinking early! wow! I love the pic of Cameron with the lights..it has inspired me to wrap Baylee in them and snap a few pics! =)
    (sorry I signed in under The Lounge Blog at first!)


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