Sock Monkey!

Auntie Lindy got Cam a sock monkey for his birthday in October. Since then, I've been determined to make it his Luvie. What is a luvie, you ask? In my mind, a luvie is that one thing he just HAS to have wherever he goes. Why I am so set on him having one ... well, I can't answer that. It's just cute, I guess.

Anyway, ever since he got it I always do this whole act, pretending like I really love the sock monkey so he will too. Since you aren't here, allow me to re-enact.

Me: "SOCK MONKEY!!! Oh, I LOOOVE the sock monkey!" **kiss, kiss, kiss...hug really tight**

Cam: Huh? What is this crazy lady doing? what is happening? And what is that squishy thing she's holding? I want to eat it.

Me: "I loooove the sock monkey. Cameron, do you love the sock monkey?"

Normally, this is how it would go down...

Cam: Look at me and then the sock monkey like we were both stupid, throw it on the ground and crawl away to a toy that is undoubtedly more entertaining.

BUT, last night it was not so!

Cam: Kiss, kiss, kiss...hug, hug, hug the sock monkey! Just like mommy!

YES! He now has a luvie! It probably won't seem like such a great idea when he becomes dependent on it to stop crying or sleep, but for now the whole idea is very cute! He was so cute with his Luvie:


  1. How cute! But yes, you may regret it later when he HAS to have it to sleep. I have had experience with that, believe me. lol

  2. ive never seen the boy so stinking happy! he's super cute! im proud of you mel! what an accomplishment to teach the boy to love the sock monkey! try to teach him to cook dinner. or fold clothes. or do the dishes! show him they are fun things to do and before you know it..maybe you'll have a built in happy monkey lovin house keeper!


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