Wrapping up the week

What a week! I was just talking with Keith about how this seems to have been the slowest week EVER. While he says it went by super fast for him, I beg to differ. Maybe I'm still reeling from everything that happened this week . Maybe I'm just a wimp. Whatever! I'm just so exhausted and ready for some serious zzzzzs.

[If you don't know, I work 3-5 days each week as a substitute at Keith's school. I really do like it but it can be very exhausting at times, keeping all those middle school turds in check. I worked three days this week. It was hard to return and that's probably why I'm whining so much about this last week.]

Last night I went to a gift exchange with some girls from my church (I ♥ our church so much). I got freaking lost. If you know me well, you can for sure say getting lost is the story of my life. Last time I had a function in Beaumont -- just before we left to Hawaii -- I drove all the way to Cabazon, hoping to find the right exit. FYI, Cabazon is so far beyond where I needed to be it's not even funny. It's so frustrating but I just can't help but laugh at myself. I am a retard with directions, it just comes with the package. I need a GPS for Christmas...any takers? No? pfft.

Anyway, the gift exchange was fun. I came away with a candle that smells AMAZING. Oh! And not only did I get lost, I also forgot to bring a freaking appetizer as instructed on the invite for our Appetizer dinner. WTF is wrong with me?! SUPER FLAKE!

What are our plans this weekend? Tomorrow I'm sure there are some dumb college football games on for Keith to watch (unless it's the Beavers I consider it a complete waste of time) -- so I'm sure that will be the extent of our Saturday. Sunday is church and then my daycare person (see her blog -- she's amazingly creative!) is having a birthday lunch at Saddle Ranch. Should be fun! Keith will be working on Sunday...I'd be willing to put money on it. Keith works so hard. I say he went into the wrong profession. If he took his workaholic self into another setting we'd be freaking millionaires by now. But he loves teaching so it's all good.

I leave you with this, your moment of zen (stolen from J. Stewart show):

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