Are we raising a sociopath?

Okay, so the title is a joke but...seriously! He started doing this thing recently - especially with bananas - where he squeezes food in his fist but just stares at it and his head shakes back and forth really fast like he's squeezing with all his might. It is pretty hilarious! I hope one day soon to get a video or at least snap a picture of it!

There's another issue. The real issue. 

Our babysitter informed us today that Cameron started hitting and biting. Not just for fun or because he thinks it might be cute. He is doing it aggressively. YIKES! How can be be so cute but do something like that. She must be confused because my precious little angel would never do anything like that! No, not my little man! wink, wink

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  1. Don't worry! He's just being a boy! They eventually grow out of it!


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