ChaRgeRs WiN!

I'm not even going to pretend like I give a rip about NFL. Not one bit. But we do have friends that are die hard San Diego Chargers fans. We were at their house tonight to watch what turned out to be a pretty exciting game against the Colts.

Since our friends wanted the Chargers to win, we wanted the Chargers to win. I must admit this was sort of hard since I find Peyton Manning to be a pretty cool dude. Not only was he recently voted league MVP, he also happened to host one of my favorite episodes of Saturday Night Live ever. What can I say, he's hilarious. Check this out:

By the way, I don't care much for his brother Eli. when he got drafted to the "wrong" team (as in not the one he wanted) he was a total chump. Not cool...how spoiled can you be? But it is pretty amazing how their family has such ridiculous athleticism. Good genes!

[baby pile]

[Cameron took this picture. Obviously an artistic genius :)]

By the way, the Chargers won in OT. I had no idea OT in the NFL was sudden death. That is definitely cooler than college rules. Much more exciting! I still feel bad for my buddy Peyton.

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