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The last month or so has been rough for Keith and I. No, we weren't having problems in our marriage. We were having problems getting sleep!!! It was driving me crazy. Cameron was waking up 2+ times each night. We'd get up and soothe him back to sleep but it was really destroying our sleep cycles. They were completely jacked.

We could not, for the life of us, figure out what would cause these night wakings. Was it teething? Maybe but even after giving him ibuprofen he was still waking up. Growing pains? I mean, we were really stretching our imaginations here.

Since we've made the switch away from the bottle and formula and more to "human" (aka adult) foods, he's been a tad pickier with what he will eat. And to that end, we were doing a bad job of tracking how much he actually ate, especially at dinner time. Would you like to know a secret? If your kid isn't eating much for dinner, he will NOT sleep at night and neither will you!

Rookie mistake! Once we finally decided to feed him a reasonable amount of food, he slept. So it's been two full nights of wonderful, wonderful, amazing, REM-inducing sleep. The Clayton family is loving life that much more these days.

**By the way, I feel so guilty that our little man has been starving during the night. You better believe we are stuffing him to the brim at night now :) Don't be surprised if he's 100 pounds by the time he's 2. I'm JOKING, sheesh!**

[As a side note, Paula Deen comes to the rescue again tonight. I am excited to try her spicy shrimp and pasta casserole dish. Everything else we've tried so far has been awesome. This is a book we highly recommend! No wonder this lady is so successful - this stuff is amazing!]

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