panties in PS and turtles pee in SD

Friday we headed out to Palm Springs for some famous Mexican food at las casuelas (I think that's the name...but who cares?!) The food was great and the weather was even better! It's hard to believe it's January, because judging by the weather it was hard to tell. It was a great night but when we got home we were beat. The first week back to work after a long break is always hard. We have both been battling sicknesses and Keith lost his battle. I am hanging in there and Cameron seems to be fine. Sickness, be gone! Even though Keith was sick he was a trooper and had a lot of fun with us - it was a long drive but totally worth it in the end. It was a great way to end a long week. Palm Springs is never dull - always a lot of drunk, old people roaming the streets. One thing we didn't expect to find? Underwear in the middle of the street. WHAT?

[Okay, you are walking down the street and don't
notice you've left your underwear on the ground? REALLY?!]

Today we went with half of the Thompson 6-pack to the SD zoo. We both had season passes and thought it would be a fun time. Yup, we were right. We took a ton of fun pictures and had a blast with Michael, Jannae and Baylee. Thanks, guys!

[I ♥ mommy and daddy!]

[Keith has a problem with being so serious all the time]

[me tarzan, you jane]

[these guys are definitely thinking this one over]

[looks like SOMEONE had an accident...]

[Baylee...this feature on my camera kept
us entertained for a very long time]

[i think maybe you are starting to
see why the 4 of us get along so well...?]

[Yes, we're models. Jealous?]

[representing the thompson 6 pack...]

[Cameron ♥ Baylee]


[time to go!]

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