It was bound to happen. We take our camera with us EVERYWHERE. Yesterday, at the wild animal park it popped up missing.

Keith thinks it slid off his lap as he stood up off his wheelchair to look at the baby rhino. Truly unfortunate.

Luckily there weren't any pictures on there except the 5 or so we had taken when we got to the park. The sad thing is we JUST got the camera in October after our last one stopped focusing properly.

The summer before we had Cameron I had the camera fall out of my pocket at SeaWorld during the Shamu Rocks show. A good Samaritan picked it up and actually RETURNED it to the lost and found. Can you believe it?! We were hoping another good soul would do the same yesterday but now that it's been missing for 36+ hours and there's still no word - well, it's just not looking good.

I've been eyeing a new SLR [as in big fancy camera] but it wasn't something I wanted to get RIGHT NOW. I guess part of our tax refund will go to stimulate the economy. Yes folks, los Claytons are doing their part to pull America out of the great depression part II!

It's still so very depressing. Plus it had that cool color accent feature that Jannae liked so much. She'll never want to be my friend now!

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  1. Oh no! That stinks about your camera! I remember at Sea World, that was awesome that someone actually turned it in. SLR's are nice, if you get one you will love it!


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