Swollen :(

Keith has been in the routine of waking up EARLY and driving into Yucaipa to play basketball with some guys he knows from random places, but mostly school. Now, I'm not going to say I fully endorse it - mostly for selfish reasons, which I am sort of embarrassed about. But he LOVES playing so we make it work. These mornings he plays, Tuesday and Thursday, and I have a job set up I am in charge of getting both Cam and I ready for the day. This includes dropping him off at the sitter. Doesn't sound like much but even the mundane is easier when we are both involved.

Anyway, today I walked into work and opened the door to the staff lounge. Two teachers walk out with sympathetic grins on their faces and drop the bomb. No, it's not that disgusting bomb you are thinking :) They said, "wait until you see Keith." Right away, I knew. "Is he hurt?!?!?!" They let me down gently - "YUP!"

CRAP!!! This has happened in the past. The last time was when I was about 6 months pregnant and believe me I was NOT happy about "having" to take care of him when all I wanted to do was lay around and eat myself into a food coma. Once again, my selfish ways are exposed. I am getting SERIOUSLY sidetracked today...this has an end, I swear!

Yes, Keith has sprained his ankle. Not just a little sprain, either. There is a tennis - NO, wait - a SOFTBALL growing where his cute, bone-y little ankle used to be. It is hard to look at. But Keith is a trooper. You know why? Because we are still going to the zoo as planned tomorrow. Will it be harder for us? YES! But he's cool because he's willing to try! I am going to get lots of cute pictures of him in a SEXY wheelchair tomorrow so don't worry! :)


  1. haa! keith and michael can have a race tomorrow! HAA!
    His toe is doing just fine now! not in any pain!=)
    I can't believe Keef hurt himself!

  2. Crap! Pobre Keith! Hope he's feeling better soon. Be sure and attach a balloon and other goodies to his wheelchair so he's sure to get a lot of attention!


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