Our zoo goes to the zoo

A few friends of ours also hold zoo passes and since we all had the day off yesterday, decided to go there. The San Diego zoo is a good place. As always, we had lots of good times and many, many laughs.

As usual, we met at Starbucks off the 60 freeway in Moreno Valley. Starbucks is the best way to start the day, is it not? I got the usual: Tall mocha (nonfat because I knew we'd be eating like fatso's for the rest of the day - ha!) with hazlenut syrup. Yummy! We were carpooling with Mike & Jannae in their hoopdie Suburban. We got everything loaded up and Cameron strapped in his seat. I'm feeling good about my outfit, wearing my favorite white shirt and a cute black jacket I just picked up this weekend. No I DID NOT spill my favorite coffee drink all over (and in!) my favorite white shirt as I stepped into the hoopdie Suburban. My friends, being the flexible and stubborn people they are, insisted on driving back to our place where I could change. Looking back, I'm so glad they did because I would have felt like a slob walking around all day with those horrible chocolate-coffee stains on my shirt :) So, it was an interesting start to what turned out to be a great day.

We were FINALLY off and arrived at the zoo around 11:30. The Spencers brought their cute (and well-behaved!) nephews, T. AND J. (6 and 2 1/2 I think). There were a LOT of us and we were a wide load since we had all our strollers and everything.

I feel really long-winded this morning for some reason. Pfft. Enough talk, here are some pictures.

[I never in my life thought I'd see a gorilla jump]

[Hey, this isn't six flags you hooligans! | Ca-utie!]

[What a good looking group] [They just had a glass or two]

[We finally saw the world-famous panda]

[That elephant can do some fancy tricks]

[Jordan] [Everest]

[San Diego is a gorgeous city at night | We finished with a trip to Ghirardelli. Yumm]

P.S. I am really loving our new camera these days. Jannae showed me a new trick to help me get a good picture EVERY time :) Thanks, Jannae

For more pictures about our trip, check out Michelle's blog!

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  1. You captured the Gorilla perfectly, and the picture of the boys with the wine is priceless..


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