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Our time in Vegas with the G-straps was great! There were a lot of little but great surprises. The first one: our hotel room. Having booked at Bally's we really weren't expecting much at all and to be honest I was expecting it to be a dive. NOT SO! First of all, I found a great rate of $38/night. When we checked in we were upgraded to a mini-suite. Still not expecting much, imagine my surprise when we opened the door and saw this! Now, it may not look like much but DANG it was above and beyond what we thought we would be staying in! It was freaking enormous! And recently renovated, too! This was our 4th time in Vegas in as many years and we've come to expect nasty 70's decor. Bally's far exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend!

[Keith says: don't look a gift horse in the butt
...or something like that]

[The hand-blown glass ceiling of the Bellagio. Amazing!]

[What kind of genius just puts their hand there perfectly?!]

[urban outfitters is a COOL store]


[No strollers on the escalator - RULEBREAKER!....Run away, Cam!]

[Behind me you can see Treasure Island - home
to the best buffet EVER. One word: sushi]

[the G-straps brought Mad Libs. Mad Libs REVIVAL!]


[This sums up Cameron's mood this weekend :(]

Vegas itself is such a vile city! We really aren't gamblers and parties and clubs definitely aren't our scene. So what's the point, right? While there are a lot of cool things to see, we can't picture ourselves going back soon if ever. Debauchery seems an appropriate term for this city. No wonder they call it 'Sin City'. At one point Steph and I are pretty sure we saw a hooker - in broad daylight! WHAT?! I need a bath to get all that filth off of me. YUCK!

[I have never won $$ in Vegas. ANNOYING!
I only gambled $10, but still!]

[our good ol practical car turned 50k on the way back]

**You might be wondering where Matt is in all of our glorious pictures. The poor man got flu-like symptoms, complete with chills and a stomach bug. He missed out. Guess you guys have a reason to come back! Do it soooooooon! :)

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  1. keeef always makes the funniest faces! im lovin your new camera


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